Virtual Server companies in Singapore

Virtual hosting is the highest preferred location by large web giants. Hence majority of the Asian server hosting is preferred over the Singapore location. Singapore location has many companies with Private data Center setup and hence the companies will opt for the location easily due to the reason on maintaining high data security

Since many large-scale organisations prefer to host the servers at Singapore location it becomes the hub for various Virtual Server hosting companies

There are lot of Virtual Server companies in this location but let us see the top-rated companies in this article.

Trading FXVPS - VPS Hosting Singapore

Singapore becomes a big hub or the centre for trading activities. Many website that are hosted with trading as the main domain will have their hosting servers in Singapore location. This organisation gives them a platform with lot of additional features to host their website. The important aspect of trading is the timing. 

Every millisecond is important and this can be well realized by the intraday traders. highly frequent intra day traders would require the infrastructure with good configuration. The configuration could be with NVMe SSds, NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, and DDR4 RAM. This is considered as the most preferred and high-end configuration. The high availability of the servers is the key benefit of this company and hence it is best suited for trading. If the company is well known for trade hosting then all the other industrial domains can well fit into this Type of hosting servers

Fast Comet

This organisation comes with various hosting options like cloud hosting, virtual hosting and dedicated hosting. Virtual hosting provided by the company is well preferred and it becomes an important activity of the organisation. this company is most preferred due to cost friendly option of hosting on virtual servers. There are lot of other attractive free options like free website hosting setup, lot of unrestricted options and other options in like website transfer from one server to other.

During upgrade activities the company is providing a seamless support and the upgrade of the configuration will happen as per the need of the website. The unique feature of these servers is that they allow to download the applications and setup while allowing the user to monitor the current performance of the organisation. This firm has 15 data Centres and they are setup at 15 different locations across the world

OVH VPS hosting cloud

This firm has got a motto of fast and the best hosting services.they provide variety of configurations and infrastructure combination. For instance, the starter option at $ 3 price range comes with 1 vCore, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD SATA and 100 Mbps unmetered*. The second option comes with 12-month commitment with the configuration range of 2 vCore, 4 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD SATA and 100 Mbps unmetered*.


This firm comes with an attractive caption of transparent pricing model and it also has a 24/7 support for the users.The firm helps with an option of managed backup on the servers. If the backup feature is given a high priority then it reflects the priority of the organisation on the importance of data and the availability of the servers

This hosting server company becomes the most preferred unit for most of the freelancers as they have the transparent pricing model and has variety of other options in hosting. Beyond freelancers , many business owners, resellers prefer to adapt towards this server hosting firm for high scalability and easy to adapt options


This is the long-term organisation which had been existing for years but initially with a different name which is Router hosting. This organisation also provides cost friendly virtual server hosting options. This firm helps to host on both Linux as well with the Windows operating system. 

The servers are always chosen with the latest infrastructure which is  NVMe SSD hardware to ensure consistent high-quality output


This firm gets listed as the top firm in the SEO engine especially in Google. This firm allows various hosting like website , Wordpress,  business hosting and many other options like backup hosting. The firm allows for virtual server hosting with options like managed or self managed with high end configurations. 

The organisation provides root level access to the server for any task required to be performed on your hosted spaces. The servers are Powered by Dell PowerEdge servers with RAID SSD storage and powerful cores. Vodien provides complete support for the customers from setup to installation and initialisation.


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